Diving into Skin Care: Sharing our Methods for Healthy, Hydrated Skin

Staying hydrated during the summer is such a crucial part of our everyday skin care routine. Literally we drink gallons of water daily (I guess you can call us thirsty bitches, but isn’t everyone?)

Hydrating our bodies is the first thing we do in the morning. While drinking water has no secure back up in relation to healthy skin, there are still benefits one can have from drinking water. Think about it like this, beauty from within. You & your body should feel good on the inside to look good on the outside.

Proper skin hydration aids in elasticity & softness. There is honestly nothing more refreshing than the smooth, clean of skin (post wash obviously). After a night of heavenly slumber we like to wake up feeling refreshed but with the skin that the Universe bestowed upon us, that isn’t always a reality.

Will: In the morning when I wake up my face is typically supes puffy && feels v heavy from the dirt and oils that have accumulated and built up during my sleep cycle.

Gavin: Waking up in the morning my skin feels clogged and unable to breathe.

Now we are very aware that everyone has different skin types and that not every method of skin care will work for everyone but we encourage everyone to explore all options as we will continue to share all of our skin care methods && routines.

To save you much time and energy we’ll wrap up this conversation with 3 of our favorite way to keep our skin healthy and hydrated.

Dual Action

We personally love any method that allows us to kill two birds with one stone so to fit dual ability into our skin care routine when it comes to proper hydration && cleansing. To rid our skin of nasty debris we use the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel . This formula product is infused with Papaya && Grapefruit to remove impurities && excess oil from the skin, plus it’s pretty && smells amazing so like there’s a bonus.

Radiantly Misting

Having natural, dewy skin is something Will is all about which is why he likes to hydrate his skin by misting himself with either water or facial mist (also from Mario). This is a supes quick and easy way to give your skin that hydrated boost it just might need throughout the day. Water is free so you don’t have to worry about investing in that, however a spray bottle you might want to invest in (If aesthetics aren’t your thing, find a local dollar store but if you’re looking for the perfect gram worthy pic you can find chic ones here.)

For that facial mist, prepare to dig into your pocket. In our bathroom you can expect to find one of the invigorating, naturally scented facial sprays from the Mario Badescu line. Will has a hard time choosing just one because he loves them all but for this post he recommends the Cucumber, Aloe and Green Tea spray as well as the Rose Water spray.

Will: What I love about the facial sprays is how refreshed my face feels after. Literally my skin feels like it’s just been given first breath, I highly recommend any and all to everyone.

Hydration Nation

While drinking water and staying hydrated on the inside is vital for our overall health, there has been no research to prove that drinking “extra” water improves your skin. However, as we stated before, if your insides are properly hydrated and in good working order, it reflects on the outside as well. Get in your 8 cups a day and add a few more just for good measure.

Well ladies and gentleman that’s about all we’ve got for this! We’d love to hear from you about methods you’ve got for taking care of your skin. Follow && DM on Instagram @ thewellnessgays ! We look forward to hearing from you!

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