Alert! Your Battery is Running Low. Time to Recharge!

We’ve all gone through times where we take wayy too much advantage of free time or a day off from work and just kind of slump around. We’re the first to admit that we have spent a day off just sleeping all day.. after a joint or two, ya know gotta get set in the mood for relaxation. The thing is, we all go through moments in life where we are just so drained we don’t want to do anything && in those times we work on finding ways to recharge.

Whatever it is you do rest && recharge we are here to tell you that it’s okayy, you’re allowed to take time for you && you shouldn’t feel bad for allowing yourself to reboot.

The thing is, our society has put us in this gung-ho work mentality which isn’t a bad thing because behind work, there is strength in building character but too much work like too much of anything isn’t good for oneself.

Working too much doesn’t give you the space you need to advance in other, major areas of your life. Friendly reminder, we are born to live && enjoy life not work every minute of it.

Allow yourself to be selfish && carve out personal time for you. We like to cut back from time to time decompress from society, social media, etc., && allow ourselves to unwin(e)d, decompress, find fresh grounding && refresh our mind, body && soul for the future.

Remember it is okay to take time away from:





Social Media


During these times of recharging ourselves we like to do simple things that give us the opportunity to take a step back, a self look inward && work through anything that might be draining to us.

Self Care… listen as cliche as this might sound && yes you’ve probably seen it somewhere on Pinterest but it isn’t selfish.

Journal it the F*&K Out… let out your inner most thoughts, bottling up your thoughts && emotions can sometimes be the reason we find ourselves drained in some of the times our energy is needed most. Let out all those “F*&K you’s” && petty comments. You’re allowed to have journal speak.

Exercise… Whether you’re in your home ( a preferred) , in the gym or out on a run, fitting exercise in your schedule is essential for your health. Exercising during times of recharge allow us to focus all of our draining energy in one concentration which allows us to release those draining thoughts, feelings, etc.

At the end of the day, we are all individuals, meaning we all have our own methods for taking care of ourselves. The point is we are encouraging you to continue doing those little things that give you those moments of refreshing && rebooting the self but we also wanted to share with you how sometimes simple activities can become tools in bettering our overall health.

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