Dental Diaries: A Week with Quip

Aside from routine skincare we’ve got another obsession… dental hygiene. It is super, super important to keep a clean mouth; I mean aside from having refreshing breath to kiss your amazing fiancé, why wouldn’t you want to have minty fresh breath??

Recently, the two of us celebrated a year together (woo hoo) && I was most certainly surprised when Gavin came home with && gifted me with a Quip!! Not just any Quip, but the Slate Metal which was exactly the one I wanted because I love, love, love anything monochromatic. I mean I only talked about that specific color ever since I found out about this breakthrough in Dental technology, its like the Hermes of toothbrushes.

Designed for those who care about the quality of their oral hygiene the Quip is a lightweight, electric toothbrush accepted by the ADA (American Dental Association) && the best part is the super chic design and there’s no need for a distasteful charger cord slithered across your counter top && better yet, you can even stick your Quip to the wall leaving you all the more counter space to fill up with the routine skincare team.

Hot Tip: Colors are fun && are perfect for expression of character but with the Slate you can make such a bold statement on your bathroom counter && its supes chic.

There are few things I would like to share with you all about what I love about this toothbrush but first I want to talk specifics, ya know all the personal observations noted before, during and after brushing.

Pre Brushing: Every morning I wake up with the worst cotton mouth however I don’t regret the blunt I smoked the night before so I mean really it is my own fault… anyways, this cotton mouth feeling is honestly so icky to me personally and it feels absolutely gross. I really wanted to know if this product was going to aid with this issue because my average toothbrush prior didn’t really get that job done.

During Brushing: The second I press the cute, embossed “q” to activate the brush my mouth && literally myself were welcomed with quite the jolt. I really was excited to get to the part where the toothbrush pulsates to alert you that its time to switch to a different section of the mouth && oh and did I mention that the Quip is timed to give you the full 2 minutes you need to brush your teeth?? You really just don’t get that kind of luxury with your average toothbrush let alone the average, electric TB IMHO.

Post Brushing: After I rinsed with my fave mouthwash from TOM’s && some water my mouth literally felt like a freshly waxed marble floor. Holy F*&k! Not only was I living in a minty Nirvana but I felt like I had experienced one of the best sensations of my life, okay not literally but you know what I mean.

With a product like this, there really isn’t anything to hate or dislike about it. I’m seriously wayy to obsessed, however some of my fave features about the Quip toothbrush is that it is a resource of accountability. Sending those jolting reminders to switch sides of your mouth, keeping you locked in for the full two minutes ( I mean think about it like getting on a roller coaster), and you honestly become accustomed to usage that you find yourself habitually brushing and there’s nothing wrong with that because again, who wants a dirty mouth, unless that mouth is talking dirty 😉.

I really felt that my mouth was 1000x’s cleaner than it was before && well that squeaky, clean feel is what truly sold me on it.

Okay guys so this is the part where I head out but I wanted to leave you with this; Dental Hygiene is just as important as anything else you’re doing for your health. If you look at it like balance && the positivity that comes with balance you’ll really find yourself taking those extra two minutes out of your morning and night to freshen up.

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