Creating the Space: Manifesting Positive Energy for Your Bedroom

One of the key elements in our wellness routine is getting a good night’s rest, huge emphasis on good. Some nights come with unrest which are never fun. The thing about getting fully recharged during your sleep is you’ve gotta have a comfortable && peaceful sleep. Having comfort in your sleep can easily be done with having a positive energy flow throughout the bedroom.

In our latest blog post we shared a quick guide on how to manifest positive energy with crystals from within your bedroom so we’re continuing to share our methods for creating positive energy in your bedroom with some tips on how to design your room to emulate a positive environment.

Whether you’re waking up first thing in the morning or finally settling in for the night there is no greater feeling than having the allowance of serious positive energy in your bedroom. A lot of personal && very intimate events go down there so it’s very important that you upkeep the space && keep all those good vibes flowing throughout!

There are a plethora of formulas to curating a positive environment for relaxation && sleep but if we shared those with you than we wouldn’t be helping you curate your own space.

We’ve rounded up a few tips so you can craft your own “spell” to create some serious positive bedroom vibes.

Find what works for you- A very popular phrase in the health && wellness community that has become our mantra! Listen guys, Pinterest is great for inspiration but you have to think, is someone else’s aesthetic really your comfort?? Unplug from virtual mood boards and take some time to take a look inward at what brings you comfort && positivity. We are both obsessed with plants (who isn’t) && love a namaste environment so we took those elements and spun them into personalized setting for our bedroom.

At the end of the day you are the only one who to know what makes you feel one hundred percent comfortable so you are the best resource for that positive energy.

Create Vision – Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!!! (should we repeat it again?) BRAINSTORM! Evaluating what it is that makes you comfortable and would allow you feel the most positive from within your room will help you brainstorm different ways in which you can combine those elements for your space.

Make a mood board, write a list, put together a collage, remember find what works for you. You got this!

Don’t break the bank – Honestly who doesn’t want their room to look && feel like their getting in bed in a Penthouse suite but realistically who wants to spend insane amounts on money for comfort when you don’t have to.

Often, money can be a driving factor for negative energy. So don’t put yourself in the position of asking yourself “did I spend too much on these pillows?” “Was that sheepskin rug really worth spending what could have gone towards something more important?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online or out and about, search high && low for the best, affordable price.

Be Patient – Listen guys, we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Manifesting positive energy into a space takes time. Your positive space deserves that time and energy to manifest into your surrounding.

Everyone deserves to rest their head at night feeling surrounded by positive energy… we hope these tips are of great use for you && that you create consistent positive energy in your sleeping environment.

Speaking of sleep, is that the bed calling? Gotta go zzz

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