Drinking Away Sunday Scaries: The Perfect Cocktail for a Relaxed Weekend

Every week another person finds themselves victim to what we know as the “Sunday Scaries”. Ya know that feeling that sets in as your thinking about the upcoming week. However, why go through your weekend knowing that Sunday might not possibly be a fun day?

Set your intention to not worry about what’s yet to come && convert your work week jitters into positive expression with a cocktail or two.

Just for y’all we are sharing our recipe for the amazing cocktail that will allow you sit back && unwind. Oh && did we mention your body can benefit from it as well?

Our cocktail has a special blend of antioxidant infused Socorro tea; Not only is this tea supes beneficial for the body but having added antioxidants just makes things 1000x’s better. Antioxidants aid in fighting damage caused by free radicals in the body. For those that might not know, free radicals are what cause cancer, heart disease and other, various diseases.

Having an antixoidant infused drink as the mixer of choice in any of our mixed drinks provides us with the comfort that our livers aren’t completely being damaged but remember guys don’t forget to stay hydrated!!

AntiSangria Cocktail

2 shots Skyy vodka

2 shots Captain Morgan Coconut Rum

2 shots Gallo Family Sweet Strawberry Wine

2 shots Bai Antioxidant Super Socorro Sweet Tea

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