Citrus S(u)nsation Smoothie

If you are looking for that pre/post-workout boost or just a fulling drink. This smoothie has it all.

This creation happened due to an abundance of clementines my mother gave us. So Will suggested that we put it in our smoothies…thus the Vanilla Citrus Protein Smoothie was born!

Feel free to improvise and tweak as desired but here are the building blocks for this tasty taste-bud tingler.

~ 8 oz. of Water or Califarms Almond milk – A suggestion when deciding which to choose. Water for your pre-workout, not as heavy and the almond milk for post workout to help replenish. Need a suggestion for what Almond Milk to use? Check out our fave here

~ 1/2 of a Clementine – I prefer a whole one while Will needs only half because he says it makes him feel to full.

~ 2 Scoops MuscleTech Vanilla Whey Protein – Will puts a little extra in so it can really aid him while toning and building muscle. ( although I love his body just as it is, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

Alright, here comes the time to put it all together…

Blend together and there you have it! This smoothie is sure to please as well a refresh those taste buds of yours.

Happy mixing. xx

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