Fall Fitness Plan: A Seasonal Routine to Keep You Committed to Fitness

Hey guys! Now that Summer is coming to a close most of us will be preparing ourselves for the Autumn season which for us most often looks like Champion Crewnecks, Adidas track pants and probably a pair of really sick socks.

Aside from all the delicious beer fests, the Autumn also brings in a tide of comfort that makes you want to bundle indoors, cozy up on the couch Keeping up with the Kardashians or watching to see which Housewife of Bev Hills is going to win or lose your heart for the week.

The shift in season related activities can sometimes be the cause of our lack of committing to fitness. For us we know that in the past that as the Autumn slowly crept up our routines would slowly fade out. We decided that we had to pivot && change things up.

We’ve each established our own workout routines because we realized that we each had different body goals in mind. In realizing that we also came to realize that we were growing out of our routines && needed an effective method to keep us committed to a fitness plan. So here’s what we did, we decided to start creating unique plans for each season, ya know something to switch it up, keep it interesting.

So for you we put together a mix of our routines into a workout plan for the Autumn season. This season we are focusing on tightening, toning && light bulking.

Monday Legs & Glutes

Stretch (4 min.)

Cardio (45 min.)

10 Weighted Squats (3x)

10 Weighted Lunges (3x, per leg)

10 Weighted Calf Raises (3x)

Wednesday Core

Stretch (4 min.)

Cardio (30 min.)

10 Crunches (3x)

10 Sit Ups (3x)

10 Weighted Hip Thrusts (3x)

Friday- Arms

Stretch (4 min.)

Cardio (45 min.)

10 Push ups (3x)

1 Minute Planks (3x)

10 Weighted Arm Lifts (3x, per arm)


Stretch (5 min.)

Cardio only (1-2 hours)

Stretch (10 min.)


Stretch (5 min.)

Cardio only (1-2 hours)

Stretch (10 min.)

*** Will’s preference is to hit the hills for a jog. There’s no better way to clear away negative thoughts– Will

One of the benefits we were able to take away from our revitalized fitness plan is we now have established better accountability. If there is one key to positive growth, its accountability.

We encourage you to add this routine to your calendars with these upcoming months, try it out, maybe tweak it a bit to your preferences, then slide on into those DM’s on Insta @thewellnessgays and let us know how you benefited!

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