Four Must Have Essential Oils

Life can get pretty stressful sometimes, we want to be able to create a sense of relaxation and calm wherever we go, especially at home. We have so many options today to help our noses and bodies get into that state of peace. From candles and air fresheners, to countless sprays and plug-ins, the list goes on.

While some of those options might do the trick, why not try something that has less chemicals involved, is natural && has less of a chance of setting the house on fire if left unattended.

If you don’t have one already, go get yourself an oil diffuser. They come in a wide variety and styles and most can be refilled with whatever oil you would like. There are so many different oils that one could really go crazy but lets start with the best of the basics.

Lavender: This calm and relaxing sent is sure to put you in a great mood as well as keep your home or room smelling fresh and clean. Use lavender to help you fall asleep or just to add a sense of peace and tranquility.

Frankincense: Not just for the baby Jesus, Frankincense is perfect if you are feeling a bit all over the place. It helps promote grounding and centering within yourself and is a perfect sent to add to your yoga and/or meditation rituals.

Eucalyptus: Needing a bit more clarity in your life? Try some Eucalyptus oil! This scent helps promote clarity and peace while also being great for those sinuses. Add to a steaming hot bath to help ease your muscles and mind.

Thieves: While one essential oil is great, five works better. Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary all work together in this super oil. Feel a cold coming on? Take some Thieves. Sinuses acting up, here take some Thieves. It has even been known to keep away bugs too! So this one is a must to your oils arsenal.

So whether your looking to just freshen up your home, add a little something to your meditation or if you have a cold that just won’t quit. These four oils are sure to help uplift your spirits, bring joy to your day and enrich your life.

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