What (Podcasts) We’re Listening To

Hey! Welcome back!

Recently, a friend of Will’s reached out to him && asked if we could discuss the podcasts we listen to as she needed some new shows to add to her list… so in honor of the beautifully, stunning Tilly G. we are sharing with you the podcasts that inspire && motivate us!

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For us motivation and inspiration are powerful through the strength && confidence with the words in which we speak. It really isn’t unbeknownst to us that there is power in speech and as we are approaching a new year we are seeing the power words && voice are having throughout the ether.

Whether we are on our way into work, fitting in a workout into the daily routine or getting work done we’ve got a podcast going. We’re sure most of you have yourselves already accustomed to shows but there’s nothing wrong with diving into something new!

So we’re gonna break this down with sharing the podcasts we listen to according to the day of the week! We’ve got a least one for each week day because all it takes is one to kick some serious ass in the day!


The Skinny Confidential

Much like the show’s hosts, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick, we are all about kicking ass in every && any positive way that we can and looking fine as hell while we do it. TSC is all about accomplishing life with tons of hacks to beauty, health, wellness, fitness && entrepreneurship.Stop making excuses and go add this to your lineup and we promise you won’t regret it.

Recovering from Reality

We’ve all been ambushed by chaotic shit that life has thrown our way and former So Wild reality TV star, Alexis Haines formerly known as Alexis Niers, shares her story of recovery && growth on her podcast, Recovering from Reality. There’s nothing more refreshing than knowing you aren’t the only one who is trying to survive life as positively as you can and Alexis opens her arms and heart to us with raw and emotional topics in reality that we all want to recover from. So don’t bother calling Nancy Jo because Alexis is the one with the story.

Adderall & Compliments

Got a cause of the Monday Moodies? Annabelle DeSisto‘s, a fun, quirky personality is sure to start your week off right. Her positive energy and powerhouse vibes help keep your spirits high. From wellness insights, to Real Housewives to mental health she knows her stuff and if she doesn’t you can bet she will have guest on that will help teach us all. I listen to her the first chance I get on Monday and I know her loyal followers, aka, Kittens do as well. All glitter isn’t gold but Annabelle is here to help you see the light through the fog.


The Bitch Bible

You tell us that you are someone who just waltzes throughout your day to day life without wanting to tell someone off or that you actually love the “Brenda’s” of the World and we will tell you you’re lying. It’s okay to let someone know when they’re just being absolutely intolerable && it is also okay to have a martini at 10 am and then hit up your fave fast food restaurant followed by consumption alone in your car. Listen, Bitch Bible podcast host, Jackie Schimmel- Haas says if you aren’t fluctuating you aren’t living. If you’re looking for that one thing to inspire you to be your most bold self then this is the podcast for you. Don’t go through life thinking you can live without because Darwinism is very real.

With Whit

As we navigate through life there will be topics that we come across that we might be unsure how to deal with. The reality is, there really isn’t anyway to prepare ourselves for the unwritten but hearing stories from those who have gone through things we ourselves might face it gives us the confidence to know we too will be able to get throughout. MTV’s The Hills & The Hills: New Beginnings reality TV star, Whitney Port guides us through the reality of life and its unknowns. Don’t go through anything in life alone, dive into the unknown With Whit.

What we Said

There is no greater power than the power of friendship && What we Said podcast hosts, Jaci Marie Smith & Chelsey Jade Curtis, prove that to us each week when they deliver fresh content on wellness, health, business, etc. . Whether they’re in the same room or states apart the power of their friendship prevails allowing them to deliver an abundance of love && kindness. Grab your bestie, tune into WWS && allow your friendship to continue grow deeper.


Ed Mylett Show

Overdue bills, water shut off and having to take showers blocks away, down at the public beach. Those things don’t really sound like they should be the past of this top 50 millionaire’s under 50, but Ed Mylett went through all of that. This down to earth guy knows what it means to broke but he also knows the importance of hard work and motivation. Ed motivates you to max out your life. His guests range from comedians to high profile athletes and everywhere in between. If you are looking for a podcast that, motivates, inspires and makes you laugh, defiantly subscribe and get ready to max out your life!


That’s so Retrograde

We have all heard of Mercury Retrograde… we know they suck but these girls are here to help you through them. Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari take you along their journeys through life, love and the occasional embarrassing story along with diving into health and wellness as well spiritual wellness. We personally love listen to them while driving the car or washing dishes. This dynamic duo are sure to get you laughing, motivated and looking at life a bit differently.


Straight up with Stassi

Straight up with Stassi. You couldn’t have a truer title. Stassi Schroeder gives it straight up as she talks about love, life, TV shows and everything in between. She is never one to hold back. This Vanderpump Rules brake out star knows her stuff and loves to share. If you haven’t seen the show go to Hulu or Bravo now and binge! But in the meantime, subscribe and enjoy. She is sure to motive, make you laugh and keep you up to date on all celeb gossip.

We hope you find yourself diving into one of these incredible shows! We hope that you are able to find one that can be applied to your personal growth!

While you’re adding these shows to your queue don’t forget to add ours while you’re at it! New episodes come out Monday’s @ 10 on Spotify, Anchor FM and Google Podcasts.

Until next time


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