Bettering Our Relationships with Food and Health Hacks to Establish Positive Eating Habits

How’s it going?

Today we’re back with a few tips on establishing better eating habits! Who doesn’t love a good hack?

We know that there’s a few top FADS right now within dieting culture that have proven themselves to work but within those diets there are limits to what we should be eating based on what the goal of your diet is.

HOT TIP: Think about going into a diet as time to work on your relationship with food. Remind yourself why you enjoy food && seek out the value in nourishment.

Establishing better eating habits starts with understanding your body && discovering what works for you. Remember just because someone you follow in Instagram is 100% all about Intermittent Fasting doesn’t mean that is what is going to be what is 100% for your body.

Really take time to pay attention to your body as you have meal times. Pay attention to things like how you feel as you are eating, do you feel full, replenished, energized? Or are you feeling the ladder? Sluggish, heavy, bloated?

Realizing small things like these can help you target in on the foods that agree with your body which ultimately will lead into better habits for eating because you’ll know things like what times are the best for you to actually eat, which food groups you should avoid/ need more of, what foods make you feel amazing/gross… you’ll gain so much insight that unconscious eating will just be a thing of the past.

The path to better eating will remain smooth as long as you hold yourself accountable && what better way to have accountability than with a schedule! If you pay attention to your body than you know the times that you need to fuel up. Eat when you are hungry, not because of the time of day or because of the environment. Allow yourself to pivot with the knowledge of your body && formulate a routine eating schedule.

Within your eating schedule you can choose to eat based on how hungry you know you are at the times you have scheduled. If you know there is a time that you might not be as hungry or might need just something light to keep you going, try replacing a meal with a well balanced smoothie or a juice (doesn’t always have to be a protein smoothie). Mix it up, try different blends that excite your taste buds && satisfy your body’s needs.

Establishing better, habitual eating at the end of the day is a journey that starts with you. We are all capable and have the power to accomplish anything.

Have any hacks to better eating?? Let us know in the comments below or message us in our inbox on Intsa

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