Diets v. Diet Culture

Welcome, welcome!!

We’re back again talking about relationships with food but today we’re talking about how diet culture can have a negative affect on our relationships with food && how we can overcome such a toxic culture.

In lieu of our latest post where we talked about having a better relationship with food we thought it would be appropriate to go further on the subject to talk about the causes behind those negative relationships, identifying the difference in our diets and our “Diet Culture” && really inform you on what it means to be on a diet.

So what exactly do we know about Diet Culture?

While DC teaches you “how to diet” it doesn’t offer any teachings to actually enjoy food! Like what even is the point of eating if you can’t effing enjoy it? What Diet Culture is causing is a disordered relationship with ourselves and food.

In the modern day we are surrounded everyday by elements of Diet Culture, from selective wording in advertisements, to photo shopped Instagram models. We live in a society obsessed with being healthy but when we live in the culture that we do we see that healthy & clean diets are associated with being skinny and thin.

We are here to tell you that those associations are wrong. Being healthy and having a clean diet doesn’t always mean you will look super thin or have perfectly toned body. It’s just not realistic.

What is realistic however are the many ways in which you can feel like your clean, healthy self , feel comfortable in your own body && still have an amazing relationship with food.

What a diet is, is a consistent schedule && regularity for specific foods that are specific to your body. Just like animals we too have specific diets but that doesn’t mean we need to be trying every FAD diet out there. Are we starting to see the difference?

When you are eating what is on brand for your body than you’ll never have to worry about feeling bad for eating because we should never feel bad for eating… I mean hello survival!!

Bettering our relationships with food and diets starts with doing our research and understanding our bodies. We aren’t saying we have never done a FAD diet but we are saying that we don’t follow each one because there is no guarantee that those diets will work for us but some of those diets just don’t match up with our lifestyles && that’s okay. It is about establishing what works for you!

No matter what diet you’re on always remember this, there is so much value and enjoyment in eating and the value of positive nourishment should never be forgotten.

Until next time, we’ve got tacos && spicy margs calling our name!


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