Style Gallery: Statement T Shirts

It’s that time of the year… again.

By that time of year, you know what we mean… leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, the scent of ocean waves turn into freshly baked apple pies and our wardrobes find themselves in the awkward state that is somewhere in between cardigan and short combos or short sleeved shirts with the perfect pair of jeans that give your booty just the right lift and accentuation.

For us, Will especially, this is truly an exciting and most wonderful time of the year, It’s a time to go above and beyond with your creative power, admire luring designs from the most genius minds && it’s a time to have fun!

Spikes & Seams Seasonal T. Photo from Spikes & Seams

If you know Fashion Week anywhere than you know that one outfit for various shows won’t do; But listen if you’ve got elite status and could just pull one look for multiple shows in the same day than congrats, we’re working on getting there.

Much like the FW hustle && to keep each look fresh we have found that having a staple piece in your outfits will save you quite some time and energy. For us that staple piece is usually a graphic tee!!

Why a graphic tee? Well GT’s blend comfort with style, there is almost a tee for every occasion && much like us and in relation to the topic of this post… they’re versatile!

Believe it or not, there’s so much power in a Graphic T. Thanks to the power of social media GT’s have become a voice that can send a strong, positive message. We are all about strong, positive anything && we love spreading positive vibes!

One of our fave graphic tee brands really knows how to make their fashion a statement. Spikes and Seams, located in Chicago, IL, is a brand with the customer in focus. From chic satin robes to personalized flannels the customer’s satisfaction is being met every step of the way.

You can shop the brand here && for a sweet 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER use code “ISSA” at check out!

What are you statement are you making??? Let us know in the comments or follow us on Instagram and let us know in our DM’s!

Talk soon babes xx

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