Stretch it Out: The Importance of Stretching Before Bed

Hi all! It’s been a minute, super sorry about that… life, always managing to get in the way of things. Anyways, we’ll talk about that in another post and or podcast.

Speaking of annoyances getting in the way, do you ever feel uncomfortable whilst laying in bed at night. Do you find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night only to wake up feeling stiff and rather sore?

We used to feel that way too… we would stretch ourselves out in the morning with minor feelings of relief and managing to go through our days at work with sore muscles relying on IcyHot muscle pain relief.

As a former athlete I’ve always known the importance of stretching, especially when you consistently workout.

One night I decided to switch up the nighttime routine by stretching post skincare and setting the mood to unwind. I literally went straight to YouTube and searched Yoga for Sleep and I was no sooner brought to the wonderful world of Yoga with Adrienne (will be diving more into YWA in a later post).

After doing this for a couple nights before heading to bed I found that I slept much better throughout the night and woke up without that awful stiff feeling (believe me that’s not the kind of stiff you want in the morning if ya know what I mean). So I introduced this yoga routine to Gavin.

Once we got into the habit of stretching before bed it made relaxing at the end of the day much more relaxing. Our nights became filled with a higher level of coziness and our morning stretches felt refreshing rather than sapping. The level of productivity definitely increased in every aspect.

One of the great benefits of stretching before bed is that as you are unwinding from your day you are focusing specifically on your body; The awareness of your own body creates a mindfulness from within. Stretching before bed also helps prevent sleep disrupting cramps as well as relief of muscle tension.

When it comes to finding ways to better sleep we are all for it which is why we had to share this with all of you! We can’t have our readers suffering from restless sleep. However, we will say that the point of relaxation is that it is intimate to you, so develop a routine set of stretches that work for you and your body. Add them into your nighttime routine and voila you are now one step closer to a better night’s sleep.

So tonight before you head of to Dreamland check out this yoga routine for sleep &&& enjoy all those Z’s.

Let us know how this helped you in the comments below or tell us in our DM’s on Insta @thewellnessgays

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