Yoga for a Better Sex Life

Hey all! Welcome back… today we’ve got a sexy life hack for you; Yoga stretches to aid in your sex life.

In our recent post we talked about the benefits of yoga and stretching before bed but today we’re dipping a little deeper by sharing with you a set of yoga stretches that’ll increase those levels of intimacy.

Sex whilst pleasurable also requires heavy use of the body. For ourselves, we have a very healthy sex life (we’ll be talking about this soon in a later post), which means that our bodies are consistently being put to work.

The practice of yoga as most of you know is an ancient one that benefits the body in more ways than one. To prevent cramping or pulling muscles during sex and to avoid and muscle tension after we developed a yoga routine to specifically benefit our bodies before we get cheeky.

Literally thanks to this routine set of stretches we can enjoy every minute of intimacy as well as feel completely relaxed and euphoric post business. Just for you, we’ve rounded up a quick routine that you too can do before you get down.

Hip Action

To open the hips, release tension and stress use these yoga stretches.

Cobblers Pose

Happy Baby Pose

Pigeon Pose

Bridge Pose

Reclining Big Toe

From the Back

For lengthening the back, straightening out the spine use these stretches.

Down Ward Facing Dog

Plank Pose

Cat Cow Pose

wOw Factor

To experience maximum pleasure, if you know what we mean you’ll want to use these stretches. These stretches help with increasing blood flow and relaxation to the pelvic area.

Legs up the Wall

Upward Dog

Fear not, these do not need to be done right before you engage in your arousal. Find a time that works for you a couple hours before (if you know its going to be that kind of night) or if you’re very much on the spontaneous side like ourselves you could try batching this routine into your daily workout/wellness routine.

A healthy sex life starts with a healthy you so don’t waste anymore time. Give your body the self love it deserves so you experience full pleasure in your next rendezvous.

Let us know how this helped you out in the comments below or you can head over to our Insta @thewellnessgays and slide into our DM’s and let us know what you think!

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