Magical Memories with Disney+

Disney, you pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know who they are. From the lovable Mickey Mouse to hard hitting documentaries, Disney has done it all. They have impacted the lives of children and adults for over 96 years && we all have our favorites. Disney magically creates films and … Continue reading Magical Memories with Disney+

What’s In Our Bags

Between morning routines, the gym, work, and finding time for cocktails...we are a people on the go all the time. What we take with us during the day helps us get through it while staying on point and keeping our heads. It is very important when you're someone on the go that you have necessities … Continue reading What’s In Our Bags

Communication in Relationships

Relationships, from work to family to your partner, we all have relationships that involve heavy communication. Unfortunately not everyone communicates the same. Relationships give us one of life's most beautiful gifts, companionship. In all aspects of life we find these companionship's. At work we have to communicate effectively with our coworkers as well as our … Continue reading Communication in Relationships