Will’s Birthday Recap

Welcome back!!!

I don’t know about you but we’re no longer feeling 22!

As stated on the latest podcast, this past weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday and I just had to share with you guys a recap of my weekend!

With Gavin’s help I was able to enjoy every moment of birthday right from the moment I woke up!

As I awoke Gavin surprised me with a Coffee muffin && a Pumpkin Spice Latte… Starting my day with breakfast in bed?! Uhm, yes please!

To add to the excitement, Gavin then followed up with my gift! To my surprise Gavin got me a Mario Badsecu skin care set! When I say he’s a keeper, I mean it!

The gifts continued to flow in as Will received a special package from Bear Necessities Co. ! (we’ll talk about them on a later post!)

Everyone celebrate their birthday’s differently, I mean what’s the point in celebrating your special day like someone else??

I personally choose to spend my special day with a balance of fun and relaxation. For example, last year I went shopping with my bestie because shopping is an activity that allows you to relax before you go out swiping your card but also allows you to have fun while you play dress up and what not!

This year however, I chose to go with an approach to wellness.

Honestly, while each birthday is exciting, what makes them special is the overall enjoyment I had. I definitely wanted to avoid any and all negativity (unfortunately my bday was during Mercury Retrograde) so I chose to focus on my wellness.

How I Celebrated:

Relaxation from movement && being on the go

Detoxed from my phone

Reminisced some childhood memories with DisneyPlus

Went out for drinks with some great friends

What I learned from this birthday is that it really isn’t about what you get but appreciating what you already have and or have gotten. Listen, sometimes best birthday wishes are the best gift you can get.

While it might seem easier said than done, I also learned to let go of the past. Honestly, holding onto negative energy has not benefit to your growth. Another year older shouldn’t come with the previous years history.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your day, the important thing is how that day made you feel happy and special as well as the memories you created.

Oprah says that “the way you celebrate your birthday depicts the kind of year you’re going to have”. So choose something on that day your future self will thank you for!

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