Communication in Relationships

Relationships, from work to family to your partner, we all have relationships that involve heavy communication. Unfortunately not everyone communicates the same.

Relationships give us one of life’s most beautiful gifts, companionship. In all aspects of life we find these companionship’s. At work we have to communicate effectively with our coworkers as well as our superiors (if we have any). Families…we all know that whether or not we have contact with our families, we all know that communication within families is key to a good family dynamic. My favorite type of communication within relationships though, is the comm. between partners.

Great communication between partners is essential to not only the growth of the relationship but also the growth of the individual as well. Sharing your ideas, hopes, dreams, fears and values, helps make them more real, obtainable and manageable to overcome. When you and your partner(s) share these with each other, it grows your love and understanding of one another. If your partner dreams of being a singer, now you know why they sing in the shower all the time or if they have a fear of failure, they may not take criticism well && with good communication you are better able to handle those situations should they arise.

Successful relationships need healthy & positive communication in order to move forward. At work it may be as easy as asking your employees and coworkers how they would like to receive information. In loving relationships it’s not that easy. We all have a Love Tank that needs to be filled in order for us to continue on through this life. Love runs our lives more than we realize sometimes. From the reasons we get up in the morning to the reason we want to come home at the end of the day. Love is always there being a part of your daily decisions. So if Love is so present in our lives it must have it’s own place in our language and communication with each other.

Love Languages, we all have them. Some are the same and some are different. Knowing what our partner’s(s’) Love Language is and they knowing yours, is important to make sure that your Love Tanks stay full.

In Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, he dives into the five Love Languages that we all have. Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch, these are the five Love Languages. I highly recommend reading this book and taking the test to see what Love Language is needed to help keep your relationships growing.

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