My Gut Health and Me

The ways pre & probiotics help the body.

“What does your gut tell you?”, “Go with your gut.”, “Trust your gut.” All these sayings and more tell us to listen to our gut. Now I know that all these sayings are meant to help people follow what they are feeling about a situation or a person, but listening to our gut is an essential part of our body health.

Flaxseeds are a great prebiotic rich food and can be added to a variety of dishes.

Probiotics && Prebiotics aid in digestive health and balance. Probiotics are live microorganisms that aid in the digestive process and prebiotics are food/fuel for probiotics. Jamie Lee Curtis and her Activia commercials were on it when they said that probiotics help keep you regular. Probiotics are not just for your grandparents they are an important part of your gut health and upkeep.

Yogurt is one of the most popular ways folks add probiotics to their diets. Add some blueberries for some antioxidants.

Your gut is made up of a network of microorganism called Gut Flora. A daily dose of pro & prebiotics helps your body’s natural gut flora keep things moving, clean and balanced.

Asparagus is a healthy and home grown way you can add prebiotics to your diet.

When looking at your diet we all like to eat tasty things and a lot of those things can reek havoc on our tummies. Having pro & prebiotics as a daily part of your diet will help keep things running smoothly. An unbalanced gut flora can lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), SIBO (small bacterial overgrowth) and leaky gut syndrome, none of which sound fun to have.

Kombucha, this funny smelling drink is packed with probiotics.

Not only will pre & probiotics help keep your tummy from trouble but it also has other body benefits as well. Reduced inflammation, skin health and increased immune function are just a few more reasons why you should definitely add pre & probiotics to your daily diet.

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