Holigay Gift Guide: Gifts for Him under $100

Hey there gays and gals!

Christmas is just around the corner and that means that now is the time to do any last minute gift purchasing the special man… or men in our lives.

The thing about a gift is, the gifter should never have to worry about financing said gift(s) and it really is about the practicality and thought that went into it.

However, no matter their sexuality sometimes men can be so hard to shop for but we want to help take away some of that stress. We’ve rounded up five of the best gifts for men that won’t break your bank or stress you out wondering if you’ll find the perfect gift.

Gifts for Him

Billy Jealousy Grooming Kit

Noshavemeber is over so that means it is time to groom up when ringing in the New Year! This four piece set is the perfect gift for our scruffy guys. With the scent of black pepper sandalwood this gift set contains every step to ensure the perfect routine for facial grooming. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a well groomed man?!

Photo from BillyJealousy.com

Quip Toothbrush

As talked about before on the blog, a Quip toothbrush is a MUST HAVE! This dental technology is designed to make your oral hygiene much easier. It not only pulsates every 30 second to make sure you get all for quadrants of your mouth, but it also has soft vibrations and a built in 2 minute timer. Simple and stylish, this not only will make your man’s life easier but with its sleek design and variety of colors, it fits in with any bathroom decor.

Photo from GetQuip.com

House99 Skincare by David Beckham

One can never go wrong with skin care! Let us help the men in our lives refine their skincare routine with a full set by Daddy..oops David Beckham. House99 is designed for the man on the go and we all know a man like that. This three piece set is focused on moisturizing, cleansing as well as energizing your skin.

Photo from House99 By David Beckham .com

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Set

Cleansing the skin is just one small step in a skin care routine. Post wash and moisturizing the skin still needs that extra little boost. Give your man that extra little boost this season and pop one of these bad boys into his stocking or just give him the full trio (if that’s what you’re into). With refreshing scents of aloe, cucumber, lavender and rose their is a scent that will fit your man.

Manscaped Manscaping Kit

As stated above, NoSHAVEmber is over and that includes all areas. Another great gift for those scruffy guys, the Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 manscaping kit will help keep those packages perfectly groomed, fresh and ready at all times! Not only does this set come with their waterproof, skin safe electric trimmer, The Lawn Mower 2.0 but you’ll get a sexy pair of anti-chafing, cooling briefs, Ball deodorant && Toner (gotta keep ’em fresh) && TWO comedic shaving mats so your man will have something to make Manscaping more entertaining. Give him the perfect package this Christmas and you won’t regret it.

Photo from Manscaped.com

We hope we have been able to give those of you who are still out there shopping for presents some good ideas and remember don’t stress too much. There is a reason for that special man being in your life and it’s not about the presents you buy for each other. It’s about the coffee he brings you in the morning…right Gavin?

Happy gifting!!! Until next time xx

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