Holiday (Skin) Hydration: The Benefits of CBD Skincare with Bear Necessities Co.

Hey all! How’s it been??

We hope you’ve had a great holiday and are finally getting in the spirit and getting ready for the next!

Speaking of holiday season, it isn’t unknown how busy we find ourselves and sometimes we forget about our self care.

During this time of year on the East Coast turns into a snowy, ice cold land that brings the most frigid of air with it. Dry air can become super damaging to the skin so it is really important to remember to not only keep your skin clean but hydrated.

Recently, Will discovered a California based CBD skin care brand that is the perfect warrior to combat against winter’s unwanted friend.

Photo from Bear Necessities Co. .com

Located in San Diego, CA, Bear Necessities Co. is a family run business leading their customers to a well rounded path to wellness. Their secret… CBD, specifically, Nano-Sized CBD. The science behind nano-sized CBD is it’s ability to target your body’s specific problem. Oh and did we mention their products are organic, vegan, paraben && cruelty free!

When mixed with topical skin care, CBD has soothing properties for sensitive skin. Along with many other positive benefits CBD skin care works wonders for fighting acne and is a great anti-inflammatory.

When it comes to keeping your skin regularly hydrated sometimes washing and cleansing daily during the Winter can strip the skin of the necessary oils and in turn cause our bodies to over produce which can take our skin from healthy && hydrated to clogged && oily.

CBD skin care has the potential to decrease the over production of our skin’s oil && create a balancing effect for the skin’s naturally produced oils.

With products from topicals to tinctures, BNC has the variety you need to find what works for you. Remember, when establishing a healthy skin care routine you have to find what works for you… that’s why its called self care.

We found two products from their line that we can no longer live without.

Relieving Muscle Lotion

Perfect for any post workout this CBD infused lotion is THE go to for relaxing those muscles.

Rejuvenating Firming/Brightening Moisturizer

Keep your skin firm, healthy and glowing with this moisturizer. Our skin care game has seriously changed.

Photo form Bear Necessites Co. .com

Don’t wait for Christmas morning to open your gifts… treat yourself right now and stock up on your skin care!

Thank you to Bear Necessities Co. for partnering with The Wellness Gays! #ad

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