ASOS Holiday Style Guide for Him

Ho Ho Ho! It’s almost that time which means it is time to pull looks off the racks and into our closets for the upcoming Holiday gatherings. One of the exciting elements of this season is the thrill of dressing up and getting festive to celebrate the season.

One of the challenging parts for some males during this time is successfully dressing to the nines without looking like every other gent in the room.

The point of style is to stand out right? So, to help keep all of us men individual we put together a holiday style guide that is sure to give us guys extra points this year.

ASOS Holiday Style Guide

A Holiday look is not just your basic dress shirt, tie and loafers so we made sure to give ya’ll a full look inspired with the most holiday cheer!

ASOS Design Velvet Tuxedo Blazer

Image from ASOS

This Navy blue blazer is sure to make you the smoothest guy at those parties. Made to stretch for comfort, this skinny fit is made for Mr. Smooth Operator. Oh and did we mention it’s soft velvet?

ASOS Design Smart Pants w/ Sequins

Image from ASOS

If you’re walking into any parties this season with these all-over sequined embellished pants than you’re the guy meant for the party. With a cropped fit you don’t have to worry about those killer dancing shoes being overshadowed.

ASOS Design Jewel Encrusted Loafers

Image from ASOS

Gays! Grab your guys and put on your dancing shoes! These ASOS Design jewel loafers were made to be attention grabbers. So grab his attention, get on the dance floor and enjoy your Holigay season!

ASOS Design Crystal Watch Bracelet (Gold)

Image from ASOS

Your outfit isn’t the only thing everyone should be looking at. Give the guests a reason to stare with this crystal detailed bracelet watch. This year give yourself a reason to be fashionably late.

ASOS Edition Signet Ring

Image from ASOS

The best things come in the smallest packages. Add those final touches to your look with statement piece.

These are the last holiday parties of the decade so keep those heads turning and enjoy every moment.

Happy Holigays


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