Holiday Wellness

We all know that this time of year is supposed to bring joy and cheer, but for some it also brings stress, anxiety and loneliness. With the shortened days and chilly weather it’s tough to always be at our best. So how do we stay ahead of these things? Here are a few of the ways we like to stay relaxed and focused during the hustle and bustle.

Stay Grounded

Make sure you are keeping your feet on the ground through all this craziness. Meditation is a big part of how Will and I stay grounded. Make sure you are also eating plenty of root foods. Potatoes, carrots and beets are all great to help us stay grounded.

Take A Breath

Stop, breathe in, count to five, let it go. This is a very simple way to bring you back to the present and stay focused. Repeat as needed. I know I have had to.

Keep The Routines

Holidays do not mean halt your day. Don’t let holiday festivities get in the way of your physical and mental health. Keep yourself on those healthy routines, how else are you supposed to put up with all those riveting stories from your Aunt Bertha unless you are at your finest.


Don’t get lost in all that tinsel! The best advise however, is just to take this time and spend it with the people that truly make you happy. No matter if that means friends, family, or friends that are family. Cherish all you have and be grateful for everyone and everything in your life.

Happy Holidays from our family, to yours.

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