Broccoli & Alfredo Stuffed Shells

MMM wondering what that smell is? That’s the scent of your kitchen being blessed with rich and creamy garlic alfredo sauce with hints of lemon pepper.

Today we are sharing a pasta night fave from our kitchen to yours!

Both Gavin and myself are absolutely obsessed with stuffed shells so we decided to take our carby fave and change things up.

So head over to the store and grab your vino must have and get ready to stuff yourselves with our stuffed shells.

Garlic Afredo Broccli Stuffed Shells & Garic Baked Potatoes


Shell Pasta

Organic Potatoes

Ricotta Cheese





Alfredo Sauce

Let’s get cookin:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add Jumbo Stuffed Shells and let cook for 10 minutes while regularly stirring and checking in.
  • While your shells are cooking, prepare your Broccoli and Ricotta cheese stuffing. So you’ll need one large container of Ricotta Cheese that you’ll want to empty into a mixing bowl, next you’re going to want to season with garlic and lemon pepper. Next, add your broccoli bites(pre washed)  into that cheesey mix and mix it all up.
  • After you have prepared your shell stuffing, your oven should be preheated to pop those potatoes in. *** We always bake our potatoes first and cook the pasta mid way through*** To prepare your potatoes you’re going to want to wash them first, obviously and then lather em up with a seasoned olive oil mix.
  • To make Olive Mix take ½ cup of Olive Oil and add a teaspoon of pepper, salt and garlic and mix those in with the olive oil. Now you can lather up your potatoes and get them baked.
  • By now your shells should be done so you’re going to want to strain the shells, I always let em cook for a brief moment and to give them time to dry so they aren’t so wet. After giving them their brief moment to breathe you’re going to place them into an oven safe pan already lightly  lubed up with that olive oil mix so your shells won’t stick and then stuff em with your cheesey broccoli mix!
  • Now that you have you shells stuffed and potatoes cooking away it is time to add the last step… Alfredo sauce!! Now depending on how you like your alfredo you can choose to spice a delicious jar of alfredo from the market or make your own. We choose the market route.
  • Before topping those shells with your alfredo sauce, add a teaspoon of garlic and salt.
  • Your baked potatoes are going to want to cook for about an hour to an hour fifteen and your shells will bake for about 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Remove from oven, add a little butter and sour cream to those potatoes and sprinkle a little parmesan on your shells, pour yourself a glass of Pinot G and simply enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this recipe just as much as we do!

Until next time,


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