Why You Need a Manifestation Journal

Welcome back!! We hope everyone has had a fantastic start to the New Year!!

With goals already set in motion it is time to fit accomplishing those goals in anyway we can… which is why we are telling you that you need a Manifestation Journal.

For Christmas this year, Will’s gift from our roommate and former podcast guest, Maya Grasty, was a manifestation journal! More specifically a 55×5 Manifesting journal. Why 55×5?

There is power and meaning behind the number 5.

The meaning of “5”

 In numerology the number 5 is the number of change. Think about the number of fingers you have. You can only count in batches of five and you have to change hands.

There’s power in Manifesting

Manifestation is a tool that we as humans have access to 24/7. The power in manifesting is greater than you think. If there is something you want bad enough, and properly && positively manifest that intention you can be sure the Universe will see to it that it shall come to fruition.

Subconsciously working towards those manifestations

When you set an intention for yourself to manifest your mind will subconsciously push you to accomplish and fulfill that manifestation.

Having a journal holds your accountable

Most journals don’t come with rules however, the 55×5 manifesting journals keeps you committed to journaling. Because of the rules that come with the journal you’ll find yourself accountable and responsible for using the journal.

Don’t let your dreams slip away from you. This is the start of a New Year and more importantly a new decade! So set yourself up for success and get yourself a manifestation journal!

Just for you guys we made sure to link the specific manifestation journals we are using! They’ve got journals for him, journals for her so whether you want to have a manifestsesh with your partner or find time to manifest with yourself and no you don’t have to blow your cash. These babies were an Amazon find!

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