Combating Oily Skin with Mario Badescu

Hey guys! Will here 

For years I’ve had the most annoying issue with going throughout my day with the obnoxious over production of oil on the surface of my skin. Skin care, specifically natural skin care, has always been an area of my peaked interest because the science and power of self preservation has always fascinated me ( literally  my 6th grade science fair project was about how to combat blackheads for pre teens) 

Having a healthy skin care routine is beneficial to having a healthy relationship with yourself. When you have a step by step routine you are inviting accountability into your routine and the more practice you have with accountability in various aspects of your life the better you’ll be at having accountability in your overall way of living. 

As you all know I’m absolutely obsessed with the Mario Badsecu skin care line, primarily because it THE brand that just works positively with my skin. I recently was out and about with my roomie seeking a fresh moisturizer because I literally ran out but I also felt like the former just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. 

It was like the skin care gods answered my prayers because after searching high and low throughout Ulta I struck gold when I stumbled upon the Mario Badescu Combo/Oily Regimen Kit… fast forward, yes I purchased and yes this has now become my latest skin care routine.

So let me break it down how I have used this kit to formulate a dynamic, daily morning and night skin care routine… along with some other tips and tricks


In the morning I like to rid my face of any grime that might have accumulated in my skin during my restful night’s sleep. So by starting my day with a refreshing cleanse derived from natural ingredients is the boost that gets me going!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Made from Papaya and Grapefruit extract this cleanser is perfect to start or end the day because it comfortably cleanses and exfoliates the skin without being too harsh from those tiny microbeads. All around refreshing and a must have!

Cucumber Lotion 

This might sound cheese AF but the best way to describe this cleansing lotion is cool as a cucumber! I’m obsessed with this one because of how it aids in minimizing excess oil as well as soothing the skin.

Aloe SPF Lotion 

The sun is great but getting too much is never good for anyone which is why I use the Aloe SPF moisturizer in the morning. Not only is aloe & SPF beneficial for the skin but this moisturizer won’t make your skin feel like it’s got layers unlike those other SPF moisturizers. 

Green Tea/ Rose Water Facial Spray

I like to start my day energized and embracing a rosy glow so I personally mix these two together following my morning wash to go ahead with my best face forward. 


From running around shooting content, to hustling during those serving shifts on the weekend my face deals with some harsh environments so at the end of the day, much like the start of my day I like to wash away any negativity. My night routine is similar to my morning with minor tweaks. The details are coming… 

Enzyme Cleansing Gel ***

Cucumber Lotion ***

Seaweed Night Cream

This night cream is literally what I would call a nightcap! It applies super light and smooth to the skin, smells absolutely amAAAZing and brings an overall balance to the skin. 

Lavender Facial Spray

I personally use the Lavender facial spray before bed because the scent of lavender just really puts me in the mood for sleep you know?

Flower & Tonic Face Mask

I use this twice a week followed by a cleanse with the Enzyme gel and Cucumber lotion.

I’m absolutely obsessed. This mask is like fluffing your face with the essence of floral clouds. The Flower and Tonic mask not only aids in balancing the oils on my skin but I can seriously feel it getting the job done as my skin is always surprised by the light refreshing tingles ( wondering if that’s the tonic). Seriously you guys, if you have oily or combination skin this IS the mask for you! Follow up with the Seaweed Night Cream and allow yourself to enjoy your slumber. 

Take pride in your self care routine and get your kit here or head out to your local Ulta because you don’t want to miss out!

Until next time


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