Cleaning Up Our Sex Life with Woo More Play

What is up && welcome back!

Today we’re cleaning up the topic around sex, no matter what preference, with WOO More Play! In choosing to spice things up in the bedroom we have also chosen a clean route to dirty sex… 

First off, if you don’t know about WOO we’re gonna inform you on the MUST HAVE bedroom accessory.

Founded and created by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of the Skinny Confidential, her husband Michael Bosstick, and Westin Mitchell ( Basically an entrepreneurial  ménage à trois). WOO was launched in 2018 with the goal of bringing an all natural, organic solution to bettering sex and breaking the stigma around the conversation of sex. WOO is a personal lubricant for fourpl-… oops foreplay or however else you choose to explore your fantasies. Plus it will look super chic on your bedside or vanity. 

So now that you know all that, we think you’ve got a pretty good idea of why we invited WOO More Play into our bedroom but just in case you need some more convincing we’re going to dive into some more specifics on why we love WOO! 

Ease of access & Pain free

No matter which position you take or how healthy your sex life may be there are still times when no matter how much lube the entry might not be so easy but there could also be slight pain if it’s been a while or depending on other circumstances. With WOO you’ll dive into pleasure with no hassle.


Did we mention you can eat it? Oh yeah that’s a plus! This love oil aside from the coconut has stevia and vanilla added so he’ll wanna go back there and even more you’ll enjoy doing that thing you do so well *wink wink*

Organic and Natural ingredients

Sex isn’t just about who you’re allowing inside you but also it is important to know what you’re putting inside you. WOO is nothing but clean and natural ingredients so it’s safe for all around pleasure and enjoyment! 

So next time you and your partner decide to get down and dirty, try adding WOO to the routine and you won’t regret it. 

To get more info or to shop you can visit WOO More Play or check out their social @woomoreplay

Stay Frisky xx(x)


Thank you WOO More Play for providing us with more information on your products as we are exploring all that encapsulates wellness! 

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