Spa Day with your S.O.

Hey hey, we hope everyone is staying safe and sane. We understand if that second part can be a struggle sometime. Making sure you and your partner not only get things done during this time but it’s also a great time to reconnect and grow your relationship. Take the time…we have it.

Now we know that a glorious masseuse team won’t magically appear to help but trying to plan a little stay-at-home spa day is a simple and loving way to recharge and reconnect.

Dr. Teal’s makes a variety of soothing bath salts from muscle relaxing to sleep aids. My personal favorite is the eucalyptus but feel free to use your favorite or your partner’s. Little tip for the parents, Dr. Teal’s also makes a kids bath salt for sleep, so maybe give the kids a spa day before yours.

Break out the candles, music and lotion. If you are working with just a shower, get is as hot as you can stand it and spread those salt crystals on the shower floor. Bath salts not only help aromatically but they also help draw out bad energy and soothe aches and pains.

This idea doesn’t have to be big but the small effort and the tranquility this will bring, is worth the time.

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