How we’ve been Handling the Pandemic

Hey all!

How are we? Hopefully positively well. We know it’s been a while since we’ve last communicated- currently in the process of building our website and building a stable foundation.

Today, we’re coming back with something simple yet effective “to-do’s” to help get you through these times.

Credit: Pinterest

Here’s what we’ve been doing during quarantine:


You can bet cannabis has been a major key player in our quarantine activities. Why stay stressed from the current state of the nation. Sometimes it’s so nice to unwind and set your mind free.

Early Happy Hour

Why wait until 5 o’clock for a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio? Bump happy hour up to a time that you want to bask in the joyful sips of your favorite vino!

Yogi’s Choice

Set aside time to come back to yourself and practice some yoga. Breath work is super beneficial to calming the mind, body and soul.

Read or Watch

Allow yourself to indulge in distractions that work for you! Don’t feel bad for binging Tiger King or previous seasons of Real Housewives (we’re currently rewatching RH’s of Beverly Hills and New York) and if this becomes tedious pick up a fresh book and exercise your brain.

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