Supporting the Voice: How You can Support Black Lives Matter Movement

Listen. Learn. Educate.

Today’s conversation is in lieu of the recent events that have taken place in our country. We want to preface by saying that while we understand the intensity of the protests and riots that have taken place we also understand these are voices that need to be heard. Looting is nor ever was the issue, racism is. We will not tolerate any acts of racism or prejudiced violence. We believe in a united love that doesn’t live in fear of oppression. We are doing our part and speaking out to you with how together we can come together right now to support the African American Community. The time for racism has come to an end, we cannot allow this into the future.

Bail Fund Donations

The Minnesota Freedom Fund is a great start to donating bail out funds. A nonprofit organization with a mission to bailing out lower-income individuals. There are many Black families that could benefit from this kind of support right now. If this is something you have the means to do, here’s your golden opportunity at being part of the positive change!

Be Virtually Vocal

We mustn’t forget that we technically are still amidst a global pandemic.. If you don’t feel safe attending a public protest due to the risk of your health then use your digital platforms to speak out to your audience. Don’t worry for those who don’t agree with your choosing to support, you are welcomed by those ready for the change.

Donate to Black Lives Matter

Support the movement and donate here to show your love and support for your Black loved ones. Whether it’s one, two or even 20 dollars, your contribution will go a long way.

Peacefully Protest

Believe it or not, they aren’t all bad. Gavin himself has attended many peaceful protests and has lived to tell the tale. If this is something that gives you feelings of unease, think about why that makes you uncomfortable but also how your Black friend feels that same level of discomfort every time he/she walks out the door. We don’t grow in comfortable situations, so we must discover growth in the pit of being uncomfortable.

Sign the Color of Change Petition

Justice is at demand! Color of Change, a civil rights group has initiated a petition that requests to bring all officers who were involved with the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Let justice be served, you can sign here!

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