Relationsh!t 101: Quarantine’s Impact on our Relationship

Welcome back!

As most of us are starting to come out from quarantined hiding we are starting to hear couples and partners speak out on how time in quarantine has had an impact on their romantic partnerships. 

For some of us, we’re still spending time Q’d up with our SO’s which means we’re still feeling the effects quarantine is having on our relationships. 

We’re not going to lie, we’ve had our share of messy moments but we’ve had all the more positive and extremely sexy ones as well. Listen, we aren’t here to tell you how to manage your relationship because we understand that each one is unique in it’s own way. What we’re sharing with you guys are the raw details of our relationship and how quarantine has allowed that relationship to grow much more positively.


It is important that your relationship doesn’t feel so isolated; The point is we are all human, we have good days and we sure as hell have bad days. Our community is based on love and acceptance. In sharing our intimate moments we encourage you to take a deep sigh of relief because your relationship isn’t the only one, talking about it helps us move forward towards growth. 

The Ups

Like we said, when the good days are good, they’re really good. 


Our creative communication in our shared work has had much time to blossom! Having the time to work together without distractions has brought us together on the same creative page.

Time to Nurture our Relationship 

From deeper communications to passionate sex we’ve had the ability to nuture those areas of our relationship that we might not have noticed coudl’ve used some extra care. Massage tables aren’t just for spa treatment 

Fresh Activities 

Over the last couple weeks, our positive growth in communication has led us enjoying more activities together and when the hunger strikes our collaborative efforts have proven to create some delicious meals… will be sharing those recipes soon!!

The Downs

And when the going gets tough, we hold on


Yes we argue, what couple doesn’t. When you’re cooped up and forced to see each other 24/7 sometimes irritation builds. It’s going to happen but in the end everything will be okay. Listen to each other and allow one another the time to speak. 


We aren’t going to lie, the world is a scary fu!@ing place right now. With how much news we’re being exposed to it isn’t helping with our anxieties. This sometimes causes us to close off from one another. Giving your partner the time to rationalize is essential and being there for them is the cherry on top.

Holding on Too Long

Don’t allow yourself to hold on too long if you become slighted. Yes, rationalize those feelings but don’t let the negativity fester. This has been something Will has been guilty of but as we work through our problems he’s growing and understanding the positivity in letting go and positively moving forward. 

At the end of the day, despite what has come and gone we choose each other.

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