Breaking Bad Belief Systems

Hi folks , Gavin here

Now before you start freaking out that I’m going to religion bash, calm down because I’m not. However, it is true that our religions’, environment and lifestyle all mold our personal life belief systems. How you treat others and how you treat yourself all have to do with your belief systems.

Let me give you an example that is personal to me and one I continue to struggle with, College = Success. Well, college didn’t happen for me for a few different reasons but because I went straight into the working world, I have been able to experience many different jobs. It wasn’t until about 2yrs ago that I finally realized I do not need a degree to do what I love and have a passion for. FYI I’m 31, so there is no age limit for growth and discovery.

This thought however, still creeps in and puts me down every once in a while but I know now that it is not true. Now these belief systems are not always as complex as seeing ones value without college. We have different belief systems for many things. From how we think our relationships ought go, to something as simple as thinking folks with big trucks are trying to prove something. Our belief systems are tied to it all.

When we find ourselves in difficult situations, whether it’s an argument with a coworker or someone who shows you a different way of thinking, these uncomfortable situations are that way because they are challenging the belief systems we have. Just as pruning a tree allows for more growth, pruning your belief systems allows for growth. When we can identify the dead belief systems and prune them from our lives, is when the new growth begins.

Stay safe and keep moving forward.

With Love, The Wellness Gays

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