TWG’s Summer Essentials

Summer is still basking in the dog days which means our Summertime essentials must be on deck at all times! 

We’re all individuals which means we all have our own grouping of essential items to elevate our Summer vacations… 

However, there are benefits to switching up the tools we hold in our arsenal, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of our must haves so you can find something fresh to curate the rest of your Summer!

Native Deodorant

It doesn’t matter if we are putting in the grind with an at home workout or feeling the grueling heat of the season, having clean toiletries free of harmful toxins that also are ethically produced is a must! Native deodorant comes in a full range of refreshing scents which means you can find the perfect scent for you! Will is currently obsessed with the Citrus & Herbal Musk scent

QUAY Sunnies

If your eyes are anything like Gavin’s then they’re probably super sensitive to bright light. Spend some time && find the ideal fit for shade. We’ve been obsessed with the elevated, chic upgrade QUAY sunnies have brought to our Summer wardrobe. 

Tote Bags

Take a European escape from home this Summer with a fresh tote bag! Why? Nothing says picnic under the Eiffel like wine, cheese and baguette filled tote bags!

Leggy Shorts

Don’t be afraid to show a little leg during these dog days. Those at home workouts aren’t just for hiding the results! Embrace yourself and confidence by showing off the benefits of leg day in a comfy pair of velvet & corduroy shorts from WOOF Clothing.

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals

We might not all be attending beach trips this season but that doesn’t mean we can’t own stylish footwear that gives our feet the ability to breathe! Treat yourself to an at home spa day, get those feet sandal ready and enjoy a sunny stroll in your favorite sandals.

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