Manly Moisture: TWG’s Must Have Moisturizers

Hey all, welcome back!

We know if you’re reading this post it’s because you’re just as obsessed with skin care as we are… okay, Will might have a slight addiction but it could be worse.

When it comes to our self preservation there shouldn’t be a stigma on which gender can comfortably take part in the well deserved ritual. 

Today, we’re opening the beauty cabinet to reveal our must have moisturizers that’ll benefit our fellow gents! Why? We find it important that men are reminded that it is perfectly okay for them to take pride in their beauty and self care routine as well as find inspiration to engage in consistently moisturizing… we know this is something that often escapes our minds.

Hawkins & Brimble Energizing Moisturizer

How do you soak in the energy of the morning? For Will it looks a little something like a sophisticated bottle of moisturizer made for the men who work hard but play much harder. Made with a blend of elemi && ginseng extract, this is the ideal moisturizer to get your day going!

Tea Tree Mattifying Moisturizer

For anyone struggling with stubborn, oily skin this is the moisturizer you need to keep on hand. Tea Tree oil aids in mattifying and moisturizing the skin without clogging your pores. Will recommends using this during your nighttime skincare routine!

Cremo Beard Oil

Guys, our skin isn’t the only thing that needs moisturizing as well as some TLC…our facial hair definitely needs it too! We’ve been loving this Forest blend beard oil from Cremo. Soothing in all the right ways && nourishing the beard’s soul. 

Billy Jealousy Beard Conditioner

Having beard oil is nice but have you ever tried a beard conditioner? It takes the maintenance of your beard one step further but is absolutely worth it! Cruelty free makes this beard control conditioner all the more worth it! We definitely recommend using this after using the BJ Beard Wash * wink wink*

OUAI Body Creme

In case you ever want to feel ultimate lux after a refreshing shower we recommend heading in the direction of the OUAI ! This body moisturizer not only comes in the perfect shade of blue for your Instagram board but the scent of shibuya is absolutely invigorating!

Artichoke Moisturizer

This is a moisturizer that we would recommend to the Daddies and Cubs who find themselves constantly needing to shave. Not only is the smell of artichoke extract just divine but the benefits are just beyond; Hydrating and strengthening properties come packed in royal blue & gold!

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