Seasonal Necessities Essential for Creating Autumn Vibes

Welcome welcome!

Now that the Autumnal season is beginning to pick up, our list of must haves is going to start looking a bit different. 

Later this week we’ll be sharing some tips on how to tap into the energy of the season so we thought it’d be fitting to give you a roundup of necessities to maintain the vibes for the seasonal shift and get yourself in gear for all that Autumn has to offer!

Seasonal Oils

Essentials oils might be essential all year round, however during this season you’re going to want the appropriate scents to maintain those Fall vibes. We’re currently loving scents like  cedarwood, bergamot and juniper; These blends have honestly allowed the transition into the season to remain positive, especially in these unsure times. 

Something Cozy

It wouldn’t be Autumn if there wasn’t something comfortable to sink into. We’ve got our cozy on with some of the comfiest crewnecks from an elevated boutique right here in our city; We’ve found it important to put in our efforts to continue supporting small business.

A Shift in Crystal Energy

Changing up the energy of the season can be a tad easier with a positive mindset and the appropriate crystals. Gavin has been utilizing his time to prepare for this new season and his personal career ventures by stocking up and refreshing his knowledge of crystals & the energy they have to offer!

Autumnal Sips

Okay, so this one might be basic but who the hell is passing up a PSL during this season?! Not us… however, aside from the Fall fave we’ve also been gearing up for the new season with hot teas- specifically the Tazo Dessert Delight Lemon Loaf tea with a scoop of Vital Proteins Blueberry Moonmilk (trust us, it’s the best way to wind down in the evening!) 

Uplifting Reads

As we have found ourselves reestablishing our relationship with technology && social media we’ve also found that screen time can positively be replaced with an insightful read. We have slowly, but surely, been replacing our morning scroll with some brain exercise.

Catch ya in a bit! xx

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