Harnessing Seasonal Energy

As children we are taught that there are four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We crafted snowmen with cotton balls, pressed colorful leaves, made Christmas trees  & even picture frames out of popsicle sticks. 

Those times were some of the most memorable because you were being so immersed in the energy of the season. From Hanukkah to New Years Eve, to every holiday and celebration in between, there are things that get you in the mood and you act accordingly. 

This is the same with seasonal energy and if we can learn how to ride that energy shift we can use that energy for our greatest highest good.


This sense is very important to trigger your memory as well as put you in a relaxed and energetically receptive state of mind. This is where you can be fun and creative, just be careful not to have too many different scents going at one time. Stick to a few that truly express how you feel a season “smells”. 


Now we’re not going to tell you to turn into one of those folks that turns out the whole home for every holiday and season, but by having some form of decor, even as simple as changing your lock screen wallpaper, can help keep you riding that energy wave.


Seasoning for the Season; From anise & cinnamon in those chillier months to zesty lemon cilantro in the summer months, each Season has its own tastes. Find them and use them throughout the season.


Everything gives off some type of energy, even human made things. Go out and enjoy each season for what a beautiful thing it is. Throw some snow, check out a leaf, hold a pumpkin and marvel at its wonder. This piece of energy harnessing is important because it helps you connect to the earth and in turn connect with each other.


This one is simple, if you have an open mind. Learn about different cultures’ celebrations at that seasonal time. I mean really look into our past and the pasts of others. Our Ancestors knew how to harness seasonal energy for their greatest highest good. 

During Autumn it’s about bringing in the Harvest && reaping the rewards of hard work. It is also about looking at what hasn’t been fruitful in your life and letting those things Fall like leaves.

 Autumn’s energy is earthy, crisp & grounding. With that in mind immersing your senses in the scents, sights and tastes of the season can be fun and playful. Try out a new squash recipe, get that decor you’ve had your eye on, go out and breath that crisp Autumnal air. However you choose to connect with this season’s energy, do so with gratitude & joy and you will be riding the wave into the next season.  

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