TWG Talks Optic Health: Blue Blocker Benefits

Welcome back!! How has everyone been?!

We’ve been enjoying the seasonal chill and vibes that have been in the air lately and we hope you’ve found comfort amid this time as well!

With the year awkwardly coming to it’s end we have our sights set ahead to a bright 2021! Speaking of sights, we’ve discovered a fresh tool that has become a MAJOR benefit to our optic health… blue light blockers! 

Have you guys heard about blue blockers? Well if not, don’t worry we’re going to be sharing some stylish benefits of opting in for your optic health! 

Will is wearing EyeBuy Direct Blue Blockers; Style- Coxon

What is Blue Light?

If you’re obsessed with wellness discoveries then you’ve probably heard about blue light but for those who don’t let’s get into it!

Blue light is a particular wavelength of light that comes from our cell phones, laptop screens and even the sun! While beneficial during the day for boosting your mood and attention,  that special light we all love doesn’t have the same effect when we overload ourselves with daily screentime with no optic protection- especially when that same blue light makes its way into our night time routine!

What are the Negative Effects?

When overexposed to blue light the long lasting effects can be harmful!

Believe it or not, blue light at night is significantly stronger than any other light which can cause out natural production of melatonin to become suppressed,, which means you’re losing precious hours to catch those Z’s. For those who aren’t familiar, melatonin is the hormone that influences our Circadian Rhythm and when that gets messed up we aren’t so pleasant to be around!

Switch out your nighttime screen time with a book and if a book isn’t for you get into journaling (you’ve got a lot of thoughts built from the day, let them go) and start exploring Red Light Therapy (also another topic we’ve talked about, which you can read here!)

What are Blue Light Blockers?

First things first– you don’t have poor eyesight to invest in blue blockers! 

If you’re someone who wears glasses because they were prescribed, then at this point in your optic journey you too have probably been introduced to blue light blockers! And if you’re new to the concept, let us explain! Blue Light Blockers are special lenses designed to suppress our exposure to blue light, pretty straight forward right?! 

We’ve been into wearing Blue Blockers for a bit now which is obviously why we’re talking about why you need them! Not sure where to start? You can find Will’s current frames here && if like Gavin you don’t need to wear glasses but are taking the precautionary steps in your eye care then you’ll want to look here!

Blue Blocker Benefits

Are you still with us? Good, because now we’re dishing the benefits you’ll get from wearing Blue Light Blockers! 

  • Protects your production of melatonin! 
  • Relieves your eye of discomfort– let’s be honest, there is no way you can stare at something all day and not feel the strain on your eyes! Especially screens!
  • LONG TERM BENEFIT– While this is only one step in precaution as our health is specific to our individual selves, it is still a step we can all take together! Blue Blockers help prevent against AMD ( Age Related Macular Degeneration), which is a leading cause of blindness, by preventing the impact Blue Light has on our eyes! 
EyeBuy Direct Blue Blockers. Style; Coxon

We hope we’ve opened your eyes to the benefits of taking care of your optic health && that you find the perfect pair of Blue Blockers for you! 

Until next time!


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