TWG AM Routine Obsessions and Benefits!

Hello, hello!

How has everyone been? We’re finally getting into the thick of the holiday season and the vibes have been feeling, well as normal as they can feel going through the holiday season in Quarantine. 

With this time becoming hectic due to last minute work projects coming to a year’s end, staying in touch with loved ones and even finding the time to take care of ourselves, we wanted to pop in to remind you of the importance of setting routines, specifically AM routines; Starting the day off on the right foot really does come with its advantages. 

Before we dive into the benefits of having your routine set, let’s dive into what Will’s Am routine looks like to give us a breakdown of what your self care could look like!

Will’s AM Routine 


The best method Will has to wake up his brain that is much healthier than going right to his phone is picking up a good book! This is what Will is currently reading!

The Daily Stoic 

Modern Mindfulness

Call me by your Name


Once Will is up and at ‘em, he gets right into getting those endorphins to start his day! Putting himself in the position for total control of his day, Will is making an effort to show up for himself which is a theme we can all incorporate into our lives! These  are Will’s current fitness obsessions! 

Resistance or cardio workout


Breathwork/ Journaling

Starting the day releasing negative energy through breath or by spilling those thoughts out onto a page is one of Will’s top recommendations for a simple, AM routine that won’t take up too much of your time and will give you the positive energy you need to start your day! 

Benefits of AM Routine

Self Control – When sticking to our routines we are also practicing self control. It is much easier to say “ I can just do this tomorrow “ as opposed to forcing yourself through the routine; When you positively push yourself to complete your routine you are tightening your grip on self control which will benefit you in other areas of your life!

Focus – By starting the day with a routine you are increasing your ability to focus on the day ahead. You can put your mindset on the path of what matters. 

Accountability – By consistently showing up for yourself in your AM routine you are allowing yourself to become more accountable in other areas of your life as well.

Opportunity – Everyday is a chance for fresh opportunities. By showing up for yourself in your routine you are providing yourself the space for life to offer better opportunities for your growth. 

Don’t let yourself get caught up in this festive season without finding the time to slow down and take a moment for you. 

With love, 



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