TWG Says Bye to Negative Vibes: Why You Need to Start Releasing New Year’s Expectations

How was everyone’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa? How did y’all ring in the New Year? No matter what you celebrate, we hope the holidays were something for you to enjoy!

Now that we’re entering a New Year, it really is time to start taking action so this Year will be a bit more fresh than the predecessor. Wonder how you can start doing that? One method we recommend is to let go of any expectations you might have for this year to come and allow yourself to be prepared for what you can control! If this year has taught us anything it is to not expect too much from something because it can easily be usurped! 

To kick off the year we are chatting about why letting go of your expectations will make for an easier time living and how we can positively let go of those expectations. 

This year we planned to make it the best year ever because it was the end of a decade and the start of the next steps toward our future! Unfortunately, we saw how those plans were very quickly turned upside down. For many, us included , this time was filled with unexpected highs and lows; Within our careers, personal lives, relationships, etc. .

When it comes to having expectations, we should remember to do our best not to set them so high in the turn of events we don’t get the desired outcome. What this year showed is that we can no longer put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to expectations. While yes it is great to set your hopes high, you also have to be realistic that some things aren’t meant to be and are just out of our control.

The best way to combat letting expectations go is to take the realistic approach; We’re not telling you that you have to stop having expectations but rather set them in the hands of the Universe once you put it out there and understand that at the end of the day it is ultimately up to you to choose where you want to go … that choice is something that sits in your control room !

Once you come to realizing what is actually in your control and what isn’t it is time to acknowledge that you have a specific expectation or outcome to a situation and in that acknowledgment, bring yourself to the understanding that there is no guarantee it is meant to come into your life by writing one negative outcome to the expected, positive outcome.

No, you’re not going to screw over your manifestations but you’re going to put yourself in a prepared state of mind so that should your expectations not turn out as you hoped, you won’t let it ruin your momentum and drive towards your goals and other areas of your life.

So, here is what you need to take away from this conversation:

Why you need to let go of your expectations: You’re setting yourself up to be prepared for your definition of the worst outcome and putting yourself in the position to take control to continue positively living your life.

How you can let go of those expectations: Be honest with yourself about what you want, trust that your efforts will lead to your desired outcome and BE REAL that there is no guarantee that expectation will turn out as hoped. 

Try writing out a list of things you can realistically control ( mind, problem solving, strength, etc.) as well as the things you realistically cannot control ( your status, career security, romantic relationships, etc.); Writing it out and actually reading it back will give you a shift in your perspective, allowing you to see what truly matters. 

We hope this gave you a fresh perspective towards setting your sights ahead and that together we all can go into the New Year ready to conquer! 

How are you planning to make this year better than last? Let us know on our latest Instagram post @thewellnessgays


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