TWG 2021 Rainbow Round Up: Film, Literature and Media That’ll Add Color to Your Year

Hey hey hey! Welcome back lovelies 

With the New Year here we wanted to put together a colorful list of Queer Media that’ll keep you entertained AND educated on LGBTQ culture ! 

So whether you’re a reader, viewer or listener we’ve put together a colorful list of PridePlus media to bring a little sparkle to your year!


Queer Cosmos

Coming from the mind of Cosmopolitan’s Colin Bedell , TWG brings you to take a journey through the Queer Cosmos! Take the time this year to learn more about yourself on a deeper, spiritual level and discover what it means for your Zodiac sign to be in love! 

The Black Flamingo 

This is a recommendation Will had to include, especially for the mulitcultural queer indivudals who feel as though identiy has been a struggle for them throughout life. Start your year off with an uplifting read that’ll give you the confidence to not only grow but discover yourself. You can get started on reading The Black Flamingo here


Thank You For Coming Out 

We all remember what it felt like Coming Out- Thank You For Coming Out host, Dubbs Weinblatt, sits down each week with members from our colorful community to discuss their coming out stories. Start diving into those stories here


Partnered with GLAAD and hosted by Jeffery Master, the LGBTQ&A podcast brings you weekly interviews with some of our community’s most interesting people; Guests include, Roxane Gay, Jose Antonio Vargas, Pete Buttigieg and many more! Go ahead and give a listen!


Love, Victor

The love for Creekwood didn’t die with Simon & Blue, the Love,Simon story clearly had a strong and positive impact, especially for LGBTQ+ Youth. Don’t wait for season 2 to drop, start streaming the Hulu original now!

The Prom 

We all remember what it felt like to go to Prom- the liveliness, the ambiance, the magic of the night with your date; Whether you dance your senior night away or not, this movie is the opportunity to attend the Prom we all wanted! 

Okay, okay – you can stop reading && dive into these recommendations- until next time 


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