Sticking to Wellness in 2021 with TWG

Hello lovelies!

As we are finishing off the first month of the year we are doing a little check in to see who has been sticking to their wellness plans? 

Don’t worry, we won’t be mad if you say you fell off a bit- trust us, Will has had a few slip ups in his AM routine. 

In fact, we are actually popping in to share a few suggestions on how you can develop and stick to a solid wellness routine that’ll positively boost your lifestyle! 

So let’s get into it- we hope you’re ready to take some notes! 

Ask Yourself, “Why?” 

You aren’t just diving into your wellness journey for laughs, your wellness is serious, so take into heavy consideration what your intentions are as you’re going through your journey and look inward to seek your purpose for elevating your life.

Do Your Research

We are all for spur of the moment, however, taking a dive into wellness will only have fruitful benefits when you stick to it. Staying on track with your methods will be a much easier process when you know what you’re getting into. So do your research. What works for us isn’t guaranteed to work for you

Find What Works for You

As we said, what works for us isn’t guaranteed to work for you! After doing your research, evaluate your life.. What needs a boost? , what needs to get tossed? , etc. . Based on this deeper evaluation you’ll be able to establish elements of wellness that will fit into your lifestyle and that is the goal… making wellness work for you! 

Keep an Open Mind 

Not every approach to wellness is going to sound pretty, some methods might even stray from what you’re used to; That’s okay! Discovering through wellness is all about keeping your mind open to possibility, you never know what will make your life all the more enjoyable!

Create a Routine… && Stick to It 

Once you’ve decided what your mission to better living is going to look like, formulate that into a routine that can be applied to your day to day and make sure you STICK TO IT! Sometimes, you’ll fall off the horse but you must remember to get back on & keep riding!

Be Patient 

Above all else, just be patient. Enjoy the time you are putting into creating a routine for better living. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect for a complete 180. Go with the flow of the process, take the time to pause and reflect on your achievements and seriously bask in the pleasure of it! 

Now that we’re signing off, you can take your notes and go curate or strategize your 2021 Wellness Plan! 

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