TWG Self Love Rec Roundup

Welcome to February lovers!

As we are entering month number deux of the year we are shifting our focus from building up productive momentum to upping the ante a bit by putting our blinker on love, specifically self love.

Self love is an important focus when going through growth because growth can cause us to be in moments that are uncomfortable; However, one does not grow unless they face the pressures of being uncomfortable. When we incorporate small ways in our life that have a focus on taking care of ourselves it allows us to venture through our growth journey with more ease. 

Taking the time to love ourselves allows us to understand HOW to give love, not just to ourselves, but onto others. 

When investing into your self love accoutrements it can be a bit tricky wondering where to begin.. That’s where TWG comes in handy, we have for you guys, a roundup of the self love tools that have allowed us to become even more obsessed with our methods for self care!

Alder New York Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool

Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool

As seen on Will Hill’s Instagram, this facial sculpting tool from Alder New York, was gifted to Will from Gavin for xmas &&& has become a MAJOR wellness obsession! In case you didn’t know, Gua Sha tools descend from an ancient, Chinese Holistic Medicine practice that aids in reducing puffiness in the face as well as increases blood flow –So this is beneficial for collagen production; We can’t forget to mention, you’re positively draining your lymphatic system!

Daily Concepts Lip Scrubbie 

While sharing your soft lips is no longer what is used to be, that doesn’t mean you have to stop maintaining those softies; FYI- your lips belong to you, no one else is going to feel bothered by your chapped lips other than you! This biodegradable lip care tool was gifted from some handsome pals over at Next Gay Thing and is the perfect addition to your wellness routine; You can get one step closer to naturally,  fuller and softer lips here!  

Harry’s Shaving Set 

Nothing makes a man feel more refreshed than solid facial hair grooming- just ask Gavin! We’ve been loving that not only are we shaving with a clean & non toxic formula but our skin is getting a serious treatment due to the German cut, Swedish steel blades. Go ahead guys…AND gals, go elevate your shave game! 

Sea Witch Botanicals Organic Body Mist 

Nothing says self love like having a scent that defines you! Gavin discovered the Sea Witch’s Organic Body Mist at a local shop and has since been etched into his character. Finding your signature scent can really allow you to feel like you’re able to live your truth without shame! You’re making an uplifting statement to the world! 

HempHawk Cherry Wine CBD Flower 

If you’ve been with the TWG community then you know we support the Cannabis Movement! We’ve recently found love in a CBD brand, HempHawk ! Will discovered the Cherry Wine strain and has since been in love- specifically due to the anti-inflammatory properties which come in handy following his workouts! If you’re looking where to start your CBD journey, we’d recommend this be the path! 

The Daily Stoic Journal

Your mind is not meant to hold on to all of the thoughts that run their course throughout the day- dealing with those thoughts can sometimes feel difficult & very much lonely. That is where philosophy becomes your medicine; Take control of your day, let go of those things you cannot control & allow your thoughts to spill from your mind with insight from great thinkers that came before us! 

A Yoga Mat that Inspires  

One element that has become MAJOR in TWG AM routine is yoga! We’ve been following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube; just because Yoga Studios are closed doesn’t mean we give up on the practice! Having the appropriate accoutrements might get you inspired to stick to your practice! Gavin discovered these yoga mats that really add an elevated boost to our yoga routine and hold us seriously accountable; proper investing! !

Will’s Yoga Mat from Society 6

Happy Self Lovin!!

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