TWG Turns the Sound On Black Voices: Black Hosted Podcasts You Need to Add to Your Library

How’s it been hanging? Any new wellness discoveries? Any moments of Pride you’re just beaming about?

We’ve really been taking the time to maintain putting in efforts to continue our paths to positive growth; Both for ourselves and our relationship! Some of these efforts require us to take action on our own accord to continue staying well versed with the sign of the times. Remember, you can be taught 100x’s over but at the end of the day it is up to you how you will decide to utilize the information.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, host of The Michelle Obama Podcast

As you know, we’re an interracial queer couple which means there are adversities we face together as well as individually- our relationship also shows us where and how we need to show up for one another when those individual challenges arise. 

When it comes to matters of racial inequalities and injustice, Will knows he can turn to Gavin for his support; While there isn’t a 100% understanding of the feelings Will has, there is still 100% effort Gavin makes to show up not just as his partner but as an ally to the Melanin community!

TWG’s went a step further and put together a guide of Black Voices that are educating society on Black culture, business, wellness, identity & more, to inspire you to make the choice to start doing the work towards change against racial injustice and inequality!

If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, gain a deeper understanding of Black culture, grow with your voice, understand your identity/sexuality, these are the podcasts you need to add to your playlist right now to start the work!

The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Read hosted by Kid Fury & Crissele

Hoodrat to Headwrap with Erika Hart Ebony and Donnely

Black Fashion History hosted by Taniqua Russ

Reid this, Reid that with Jacque Reid & Joy- Ann Reid

Strong Black Lead by Netflix

Strong Black Lead Podcast produced by Netflix

So tell us, where will your journey start? How will you use that journey to make a difference as an ally?

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