March (Growth) Madness

With spring around the corner our thoughts turn to budding flowers, birds singing and fresh, invigorating life in full bloom all around us. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our podcast I, Gavin the not so tall one, gave a small tarot reading shedding some light on what to expect in the first few months of 2021. How are you doing? Have things been slowly falling into place? Did you make yourself a sacred/peaceful place? We hope you have and have been thriving so far because as we approach the end of March more great things are on the way.

My divination tool for this reading was the Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards by Michelle A. Motuzas. For March, the card of Growth. The seeds you have planted in yourself, your career, relationships etc. have all taken root! It is now time to go with the flow and watch as your life thrives. Now is the time to jump into the opportunities that are offered to us and to create something of your own. 

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards by Michelle Motuzas

Similar to any garden in the spring, the debris and things that are no longer positively affecting the garden, needs to be removed. You may find that situations and people in your life may be slowly slipping away or may feel you are doing the same. This may just be a case of growing pains. When we are aligned with our goals and know what we want, we raise our energy levels. 

Sometimes those around might not be vibrating at your level at the moment and that’s ok. It just means at this time you are meant to be on different paths. Wish them well on their journey and be grateful for the time you got to spend and the lessons learned. 

Now that you have cleared away the debris there are new places for growth and new possibilities. The Universe isn’t done with you yet, much greater things are yet to come. 

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