TWG Life Updates

Rabbit Rabbit!

It’s officially a new month- which means plenty of time for new opportunities! So much room to grow and let’s not forget… MIMOSAS AND BRUNCH!

If you listened to our Life Updates episode then you know what’s been going on in our lives, however, as we want to continue to authentically grow with all of you we want to keep everyone in the loop with our lives!

So if you haven’t caught up with TWG’s life updates, take a moment after this read to catch up! 

What the Gays Have Been Up To: 

Gavin’s 32nd Birthday – Birthday number 2 in the Pandemic has been celebrated! 32 might not be old but it is another year to be wiser! From dinner with loved ones to discovering the magic of Raya and The Last Dragon– not to mention, fresh career opportunities, Gavin planted the seeds to bring forth an abundant and positive year!

Gavin’s Fish Tank Updates – As you’ve heard, Gavin has been on a roll with curating his fish tanks so for his birthday, his best gals gifted him with a new tank and stand! His goal is to create a planted, Angelfish tank which will be going to be in our office/reiki space.   

Need a Lumberjack? Gavin will split your wood 😉

Will’s Entrepreneur Journey – Will has been on a journey within his career path to design a career that is fueled by his passions and making impact. Prior to the Pandemic, Will was still very much in the post grad career stages but through the experience he acquired he geared up and went all in with his freelance, entrepreneurial journey— updates to come! 

Will’s Vulnerability – In growing as an entrepreneur, Will has also grown a lot as a person, one of the lessons he’s learned thus far, is how to be vulnerable. Keeping things in and mirroring a façade as though life is perfect just isn’t sustainable for positive living. Embrace the ugly and make your mess, your message! 

Will is all about legs for days and Sailor Moon vibes!

What’s Next for TWG:

As we continue to grow through our lives we’ll be keeping you up to date; For now we’ll be continuing our journey of positive growth and filling you ( in ) along the way 😉 !

As we mentioned, some changes are coming to the podcast and blog… get the details here!

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