TWG Explores 7 Chakras, 7 Crystals

Hey everyone! It’s Gavin, the not so tall one. If you listen to our podcast then you know that I am a Reiki Practitioner & Medium; Which of course means I do love my crystals. Much like people, crystals come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Just like us they all have different levels of vibration and energy. Some are rare and highly valued, while others are found with seamless accessibility. If you are just starting your crystal journey, I hope this information will help you get a great start to this amazing world while elevating you on your way.

The 7 crystals that I will be covering will be in the order of the Chakras, starting with the Root Chakra. Let the journey begin.

Hematite, this stone is easily obtained and comes in a reddish or gray color when unpolished. Polished they are shiny & almost metallic. Used as jewelry this stone has magnetic properties and can be “charged” to become a magnet itself. Hematite is a powerful grounding and protecting stone, bringing mind, body & spirit into harmony. When used during astral projection or out-of-body journeys this stone keeps the spirit protected and connected to the body. Place at the base of the spine during healing.     

Our second crystal is Calcite, more specifically Orange Calcite. Commonly found in a variety of colors and vibrations as well as raw, tumbled and polished. Orange Calcite vibrates with the lower Chakras and helps with depression, balancing emotions and removing fears. It’s highly energizing and cleansing properties aid to maximize potential & breakdown problems. Place slightly below the navel. 

Now this next crystal isn’t a crystal at all and if you are a fan of the Jurassic Park movies this one’s for you; Amber- That’s right the stuff the mosquitoes got caught in and what fueled JP. Amber can be found from crystal shops to jewelry stores. Due to its origin it has a strong connection to the Earth and is a powerful Chakra cleanser. This “crystal” is best used for the Solar Plexus Chakra aiding in confidence and feeling worthy. It helps alleviate indecisiveness and promotes balance and patience. Easily cut and polished, Amber is a great addition to your collection in any form. Place directly below the sternum during healings or wear as jewelry. 

Unconditional love and infinite peace, that sounds amazing right? Well that’s the energy this next crystal gives off. Quartz crystals themselves come in as many different varieties as crystals do, but Rose Quartz is our focus today. It is widely obtainable and can be as simple and as small as a pebble to a large figurine. It is one of the most important crystals to the Heart Chakra, helping teach us the true essence of love. Looking to draw more love into your life or perhaps that special someone(s), then this crystal is for you! Place in the middle of the chest during healings, place in the love corner of your home and/or carry it with you to help attract love.  

Turquoise, one of my favorites! This vivid blue stone is believed to be one of the first stones worn by humans. There have been several Egyptian hieroglyphic writings about this beauty. Its ability to be easily mined and cut coupled with its deep colors made it valuable in the trade market. Being made into a wide range of cuts or jewelry. On the Throat Chakra, it helps the soul express itself in truth, releases olds vows, inhibitions and prohibitions. Due to its deep rooted history Turquoise can aid in past life regressions and shows us how our “fate” is our own. Place on or around the throat/neck.

Moving onto the Third Eye or Brow Chakra, we have Lepidolite. This pinkish/purpleish & grainy crystal can be easily found. Lepidolite demands to be used for the greatest good and acts as a cleaning crew for negativity. Aids in bringing cosmic awareness and is used in shamanic or spiritual journeying to access the Akashic Records. This crystal allows you to access the thoughts from past lives that may be causing blockages now. Place between the eyebrows. 

Last but certainly not least we arrive at the Crown Chakra and the crystal Selenite. Easily obtained and have recently become very popular as table lamps. Selenite has a very fine vibration opening the Crown & higher Crown Chakras. Accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Instilling deep peace, this stone is perfect for meditation and spiritual work. Place on the top of the head or slightly above during healings. 

Now go out into the world and make it a better place, blessings!

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