Winter Skin Care

Hello!... Cold weather and hello dry skin. As freezing temperatures close in on us we all start to turn up the heat which means we all know what that means...dry air! More importantly dry skin and stuffy noses. Don't worry The WG have your back && your front. We don't know about you but we … Continue reading Winter Skin Care

Mozzy Burgers

There’s nothing better than a juicy, grass-fed burger topped with hearty marinara and mozzarella cheese. Add some grilled asparagus and baked, mashed sweet potatoes and you’ve got yourself a meal to truly fulfill! We are back sharing another recipe from our kitchen! Cooking together for us, is about spending quality time together. It allows us … Continue reading Mozzy Burgers

Holiday Wellness

We all know that this time of year is supposed to bring joy and cheer, but for some it also brings stress, anxiety and loneliness. With the shortened days and chilly weather it's tough to always be at our best. So how do we stay ahead of these things? Here are a few of the … Continue reading Holiday Wellness

What’s In Our Bags

Between morning routines, the gym, work, and finding time for cocktails...we are a people on the go all the time. What we take with us during the day helps us get through it while staying on point and keeping our heads. It is very important when you're someone on the go that you have necessities … Continue reading What’s In Our Bags

Communication in Relationships

Relationships, from work to family to your partner, we all have relationships that involve heavy communication. Unfortunately not everyone communicates the same. Relationships give us one of life's most beautiful gifts, companionship. In all aspects of life we find these companionship's. At work we have to communicate effectively with our coworkers as well as our … Continue reading Communication in Relationships

Diets v. Diet Culture

Welcome, welcome!! We're back again talking about relationships with food but today we're talking about how diet culture can have a negative affect on our relationships with food && how we can overcome such a toxic culture. In lieu of our latest post where we talked about having a better relationship with food we thought … Continue reading Diets v. Diet Culture

Bettering Our Relationships with Food and Health Hacks to Establish Positive Eating Habits

How's it going? Today we're back with a few tips on establishing better eating habits! Who doesn't love a good hack? We know that there's a few top FADS right now within dieting culture that have proven themselves to work but within those diets there are limits to what we should be eating based on … Continue reading Bettering Our Relationships with Food and Health Hacks to Establish Positive Eating Habits