Spa Day with your S.O.

Hey hey, we hope everyone is staying safe and sane. We understand if that second part can be a struggle sometime. Making sure you and your partner not only get things done during this time but it's also a great time to reconnect and grow your relationship. Take the time...we have it. Now we know … Continue reading Spa Day with your S.O.

Combating Oily Skin with Mario Badescu

Hey guys! Will here  For years I’ve had the most annoying issue with going throughout my day with the obnoxious over production of oil on the surface of my skin. Skin care, specifically natural skin care, has always been an area of my peaked interest because the science and power of self preservation has always … Continue reading Combating Oily Skin with Mario Badescu

Winter Skin Care

Hello!... Cold weather and hello dry skin. As freezing temperatures close in on us we all start to turn up the heat which means we all know what that means...dry air! More importantly dry skin and stuffy noses. Don't worry The WG have your back && your front. We don't know about you but we … Continue reading Winter Skin Care

What’s In Our Bags

Between morning routines, the gym, work, and finding time for cocktails...we are a people on the go all the time. What we take with us during the day helps us get through it while staying on point and keeping our heads. It is very important when you're someone on the go that you have necessities … Continue reading What’s In Our Bags